Covid – 19


Cairns Total Physio is committed to providing a COVID safe service to all our patients and visitors, as well as keeping our valued staff members safe. As such we have developed the following COVID Safe Plans and COVID Policy and Procedures which detail our response to the current global pandemic. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please call us on (07) 4051 3252 or email us at

COVID Safe Plan

(updated 4th March 2022)

In these currently challenging times, we are doing our best to continue to provide the optimal care for everyone while at the same time maintain safety for all patients and staff.

With fluctuating restrictions throughout Australia, we are doing the following to comply with all current health directives:


  • As per QLD Government mandate, all staff working at CTP from the 15th of December will be fully vaccinated
  • All patients and visitors encouraged to declare their vaccination status
  • All staff, patients and visitors still need to wear a surgical mask even after the 4th of March. Healthcare centers including Allied Health are required.
  • All staff, patients and visitors are welcome to check in using the QLD Gov – Check in QLD App, (this is not mandatory)
  • All staff patients and visitors screened at every appointment/work shift for any COVID related symptoms or possible exposure or contact to known or suspected COVID-19 cases
  • Limitation of one (1) visitor per patient (vaccination status rules apply to visitors as well), visitors only allowed if absolutely necessary, i.e. accompanying a minor, assistance from visitor required to aid in the treatment of the patient (e.g. physical assistance to enter facility, translation, or communication aid)
  • Appropriate PPE supplied to all patients, visitors and staff, based on the current guidelines set out by QLD Health.


Implementation of social distancing practices at Cairns Total Physio:

Reception and Waiting areas/Toilets:

  • spacing waiting room chairs at least 1.5m apart
  • clear signage on floors identifying 1.5m distance between people in queues and waiting areas
  • Clear signage indicating capacity numbers for each space, including reception waiting areas, toilets and common spaces (hallways)
  • Clear signage on walls and doors/entry ways reminding customers and staff to remain 1.5m apart
  • Removal of chairs/couches that are unable to be wiped down thoroughly/effectively
  • Patients are asked to only arrive at the time of their appointment and can otherwise wait in their car until the time of their appointment
  • Avoiding handshaking and greeting with touch
  • All deliveries will be left at the front door, with clear signage to indicate where it can be left

Treatment Spaces – Consultation rooms/Gyms

  • removal of second chair where possible/appropriate in treatment rooms to reduce number of contact surfaces.
  • Clear signage indicating capacity numbers for each space, consultation rooms, gym space and group exercise areas
  • Changing flow of treatment spaces such that there is clear entry and exit into treatment spaces, thus avoiding cross traffic at doorways. (ie enter only through hallways and exit only through gym)
  • Wherever possible, telehealth appointments are being utilised to minimise the need for face-to-face consultations.


Reception and Waiting areas/Toilets:

  • Regularly disinfect commonly touched surfaces around waiting room.
  • Display of hand washing protocol print outs in the bathrooms and all handwashing stations with soap and hand towels available for use.
  • Hand sanitiser readily available upon entry, throughout reception and waiting areas, treatment rooms and gyms
  • Removal of magazines or other common area reading material
  • Display of signage detailing preference for cashless or non-contact payment preferred where possible.
  • Display of signage to encourage patients/customers to avoid handling displayed stock
  • Surgical masks available for all patients free of charge.
  • Wherever practical, doors left open to reception area, treatment spaces, toilet common area (not including individual toilet cubicles) to avoid unnecessary touch of high contact surfaces
  • Pens and clipboards used by patients will be sanitised after every use

Treatment Spaces – Consultation rooms/Gyms

  • All surfaces touched by patient (including bed, chair, desk and exercise/rehab equipment) sprayed with viraclean antibacterial and wiped down with disposable paper towel
  • Provision of disposable bed sheets, face hole covers, pillow protectors to all treatment rooms
  • All gym equipment (including ALTERG, rower, bike, exercise mats and all other weights, mixed implements) wiped down by staff members regularly

We thank you in advance for your ongoing assistance and cooperation with these protocols. These protocols are constantly changing and we would appreciate your constructive feedback to assist us in making your visit to Cairns Total Physio as safe and enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4051 3252 or email us at

COVID Policies and Procedures

As you are more than likely aware, in November of 2021, the Queensland Government released information regarding public health and social measures linked to reaching an 80% vaccination milestone for eligible populations in Queensland. The information includes details of restrictions easing for vaccinated people and measures for unvaccinated people for essential and non-essential business. Cairns Total Physio, as a private healthcare facility, is classed as an essential business, therefore from the 13th of December we will continue to welcome unvaccinated patients through our doors. Due to the nature of the services that we provide and the populations that seek our treatment, we have a high number of patients and clients who are considered vulnerable to COVID-19. It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for these vulnerable populations to seek care. With this in mind, we are implementing an appropriate PPE protocol for both staff and patients, based on their vaccination status.

On the 10th of November, the QLD government released a mandate (click here) stating that all workers in a health care setting must be fully vaccinated by the 15th of December. All staff working at Cairns Total Physio from the 15th of December will have received two doses of a recognised vaccine and thus be fully vaccinated and compliant with this mandate.

From the 13th of December, in the interest of protecting our vulnerable patients and staff, it would be appreciated if all patients and their visitors and support staff could declare their vaccination status to determine the appropriate level of personal protection for that patient, their treating clinician, administration staff and other customers of Cairns Total Physio. If a patient, and mandatory visitors/support staff cannot demonstrate that they are vaccinated through recognised means (i.e. COVID-19 digital certificate, QLD check in app (green tick), immunisation history statement) then they will be required to wear a surgical face mask for the entirety of their visit to any of Cairns Total Physio’s locations. Those who do not wish to disclose their vaccination status will be treated as an unvaccinated patient and be required to follow the same protocols. The treating clinician will also be required to wear a mask whilst treating this patient. The vaccination information will be stored on our secure practice software and will not be divulged to any other business, or individual.

Along with these PPE changes, we will be required to continue specific capacity restrictions. Therefore, a visitor will only be allowed to accompany a patient if they are vaccinated, or if the patient is a minor (i.e. less than 18 years of age) and the accompany visitor is a parent, legal guardian or care giver. This will be limited to one visitor per patient, to avoid over crowding in our waiting rooms and in the close quarters of our treatment rooms.

All patients, regardless of their vaccination status, will be asked to check in using the QLD Gov check in app and screened at every appointment for COVID symptoms and if they have been in contact with a COVID case or in a recognised COVID hotspot within the last 14 days. As always, if you are experiencing any COVID-symptoms we please ask that you stay at home and contact us to re-schedule your appointment with as much notice as practical.

These measures will be the initial response when the community risk of COVID-19 is considered ‘low’ as reported by Queensland Health. If the risk of COVID-19 in the community is elevated to ‘medium’, all patients will be required to wear a surgical mask (not a cloth mask) for the duration of their visits. Should you forget your mask, or not have an appropriate mask, Cairns Total Physio will have surgical mask available. Those with an exemption from wearing a face mask, please supply our administration staff with a copy of the medical exemption either by email before your visit, or in person on the date of your visit. Once the level of risk is elevated to medium, all staff will be wearing P2/N95 masks as well as protective eyewear for the duration of their shift, once the level of risk is elevated to medium. These measures will be implemented in line with government health advice, specifically Pandemic Response Guidance – escalation of PPE in health care delivery (Click Here).

As always, Cairns Total Physio will be continuing strict hygiene practices and health and safety policies. Our detailed COVID-Safe plan is set out at the top of this page.

We appreciate the support, patience and understanding of all patients and visitors during this time. The implementation of this policy is purely to protect our vulnerable clients and the staff at Cairns Total Physio. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4051 3252 or